Foreman: Ha ha! I’ve escaped!

It was an interesting house today.  At 7am we found a puddle in the front entryway to the house.  We have been letting Foreman sleep without his crate door locked.  Last night he must have had to go and he just wet in the front hallway.  Mike cleaned it up since he was the one that decided that Foreman could be trusted with more freedom at night.

When I got home from work, I was greeted by all 4 dogs.  I checked the basement and the cage was fully locked.  After further inspection I noticed that the clip that is used to hold the bottom of the cage together was missing and the wires were bent.  He somehow got that clip off (which I haven’t found) and squeezed through the bottom part of the cage.  Man this dog is good at getting out of his cage.

I also found an empty dogfood bag on the floor just inside the doggy door.  It had the signature of Remy on it and he hid as soon as I discovered the bag half chewed to bits.  I fussed at him and he cowered under the table while I cleaned everything up.  I fussed more at him and then changed out of my work clothes.  As soon as I stopped fussing he went to normal self.  Neither of us will hit him, but he certainly does not seem to take being fussed at to heart for very long.

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