Remy…. bad Remy!

I am in the basement just watching TV, playing pool, and occasionally throwing a dart or two when I hear this big commotion from upstairs.  Soon the commotion is heading down the stairs and Remy comes blasting down the stairs into the basement.  He runs to me seeking cover and then hides under the pool table.  Shortly thereafter Mike comes stumbling down the stairs fussing at Remy saying “Bad Remy!  Bad!!!” and shaking his finger at the dog. 

I asked Mike what was going on and he said that he heard a noise from his office on the second floor and came down to find that Remy had pulled the empty dog food bag out from behind the bin where we store the dog food and was laying in the middle of it tearing it to little tiny pieces.  Well, Mike caught him in the act and chased him through the house yelling at the dog.  Unfortunately for Mike, the dog us less clumsy than Mike and could easily outrun Mike to head for cover. 

About an hour later, I hear the sound of a herd of cattle running through the house and then down the stairs to the basement, but this time they were all just making noise around Mike.  The noise was Mike coming down to let me know he had made up with Remy.

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