Kira: Fish tail

Poor little Kira… my first pure bred dog that cost quite a bit, and she seems to have nothing but problems.  Ear infections, hystocytomas on her feet when she plays in the grass, urinary track infections, and now anal gland infection.  She took all of her medication for the anal gland infection, but this morning she had puss from the infection that I had to clean off of her.  So, little Kira got to go to work with me today so that she could go to the vet. The vet was great at working her into the schedule so that they can see her between 4pm and 5pm. Since Bones sleeps all day and Foreman is locked in a cage, I have no doubt that Remy will get bored without Kira and chew up more cardboard.  Figuring on this, I put some cardboard out on the floor for him to destroy.  Better that I choose the cardboard than to let him choose it.

Sure enough, when I got home with Kira from the Vet, Remy has destroyed the box I left for him, but apparently that wasn’t enough so he went to the cardboard behind the trash can, and pulled it all out.  There was torn cardboard everywhere.  I wonder what he would have destroyed had he not had the cardboard.

Happy New Year Kira! 

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