Kira: Waterworld, the sequal is as big as the original

Well, the bed has been stripped to the mattress and
everything is being washed.   Kira had an accident last night and
flooded the bed.   Thankfully the plastic liner was on the bed from
the first time that she had an accident so the mattress was protected.  

Kira realizes that she did it and she got up off the bed and
ran outside.   She stood on the deck watching as the bed was stripped
and carried to the laundry room.   When all done, she slinked back in
quickly, and hid as far under the bed as she could.   I coaxed her out
and pet on her but she just shivered and whimpered.   I put a gate on
the bed and some rope around the posts so that the dogs wouldn’t get up on the
naked bed and I went upstairs to sleep in the guest bedroom.   Kira
hid under the bed all night, Remy slept in his doggy bed, and Bones never woke
up.   I don’t let the dogs in the spare bedroom so I put a gate
upstairs to prevent them from coming in.   Foreman sat at the gate and
whined constantly like a little baby.   Eventually he started howling
and barking so I got up and let him in.  He got up on the bed but I
pushed him off.   After 3 tries, he gave up and laid down by the bed
and sighed a few times.  

In the morning when I got
up, Kira was still upset.   After she got her breakfast, she was more
OK but she is still slinking around.   Poor little pooch.  

The bed is all put back together now but the gate and rope are still there to
prevent them from getting on the bed.   I will vacuum and clean the
carpets today to finish it all off.