Foreman: Ha ha ha! You can’t hold me!

We went to a fundraiser for HART last night.  As usual, we left the dogs in the house and put Foreman in the cage in the basement.  After the episode of chewing the side off the gym pad, we tied the cage to the weight stand and put a weight in front of the cage to keep him away from the pad.  Well, he discovered another way to get out.

Foreman managed to chew the nylon dog leash that we used to tie it to the weight stack, and pushed the entire cage over.  The cage is made to collapse when you pull a rod out of one piece so that you can fold it up to carry it.  It is made from 8 wire panels that hinge together and one panel has a door.  Well, by chewing off the leash that was holding it near the wall, he was able to get the sides close enough together to push the entire thing over.  When we got home we were greeted at the door by 4 cold noses when there should have been 3.  The cage was laying flat on the floor and we searched the house for any accidents or destroyed things.  Fortunately it appears that he did not destroy anything and didn’t have any accidents in the house.

Today I got out the U shaped nails that are used to tack down electrical wire in a house and I nailed one side of the cage to the unfinished wall.  We will see what he does now.