Foreman: Stop throwing things!

A close friend gave me a dart board and cabinet for the basement. I hung the board on the wall but had not played with it till today. All of the dogs were in the basement while I was watching Farscape episodes when Mike came down and wanted to play darts. So, we opened up the cabinet and started to play darts. Foreman ran upstairs. Kira got off the couch and went into the server room. Remy got all nervous and went under the pool table. When we stopped, all returned to their usual spot.

Kira: Fish tail

Poor little Kira… my first pure bred dog that cost quite a bit, and she seems to have nothing but problems.  Ear infections, hystocytomas on her feet when she plays in the grass, urinary track infections, and now anal gland infection.  She took all of her medication for the anal gland infection, but this morning she had puss from the infection that I had to clean off of her.  So, little Kira got to go to work with me today so that she could go to the vet. The vet was great at working her into the schedule so that they can see her between 4pm and 5pm. Since Bones sleeps all day and Foreman is locked in a cage, I have no doubt that Remy will get bored without Kira and chew up more cardboard.  Figuring on this, I put some cardboard out on the floor for him to destroy.  Better that I choose the cardboard than to let him choose it.

Sure enough, when I got home with Kira from the Vet, Remy has destroyed the box I left for him, but apparently that wasn’t enough so he went to the cardboard behind the trash can, and pulled it all out.  There was torn cardboard everywhere.  I wonder what he would have destroyed had he not had the cardboard.

Happy New Year Kira! 

Foreman: Almost an escape

Somehow Foreman figured out how to unweave the metal bar that I used to hold his door shut on his cage.  He broke a few more of the bars on the door and was able to break loose the hinge.  But, he didn’t get everything sufficiently apart to get out of the cage.  Man, this dog wants out of the cage.

Last night, Remy finally got fed up with sleeping on the floor and demanded to get on the bed.  He grunted at me all night and fussed.  He eventually fell asleep beside the bed.  He took his frustration out on the house while I was at work today.  When I got home, he had taken the big bag that we put the lint from the laundry in and managed to pull it out the doggy door and tear it to pieces in the back yard.  He then came inside and took pieces of cardboard from our recycling stack behind the trash can and peppered the entire first floor of the house with pieces of cardboard.

Kira’s fish smell is back so I think her infection in her anal gland was not cured by the antibiotics.  She will need to make another visit to the Vet to get this fixed up.

And, finally, I went to Bones’ room only to find that he had an accident in his bed.  That would explain why he slept in the bedroom beside my bed.  I cleaned everything up, and he immediately went into his room and went to sleep. 

What a day!

Foreman: My real name is “Santa’s Little Helper”

Well, over the weekend, I found that Foreman is quite the handful.  He sulks when he doesn’t get his way, picks fights with the other dogs by sniping at them from around the corner, whines when he wants something that he can’t have, and destroys anything near him when he is frustrated.  I have concluded that Foreman’s real name should be “Santa’s Little Helper” after the dog on the Simpsons.

I have never had a dog that randomly destroyed things.  Fortunately, Foreman seems to take his frustrations out on just small things like documents, cardboard boxes, and letters.  For example, Foreman doesn’t like the noise of the billiards table in the basement so he stays upstairs while I am playing pool.  He whimpers at the top of the stairs and occasionally peeks around the landing to see what he is missing.  The other dogs will all be down there with me and I think he gets frustrated that he is upstairs alone.  If I leave my office door open, I will hear his footsteps into my office, and before I can get to him, he will have taken something like the phone bill or some other random document from my office and will shred it.  I can now completely understand the phrase “my dog ate my homework”.

OK… maybe we won’t go cold turkey on the bed

Last night I woke up to hear Kira whimpering beside the bed.  I reached down to touch her and she was shivering.  At first I thought she was cold so I lifted her onto the bed and put her under the top layer of the covers.  She stopped whimpering but kept shivering.  I held her and she calmed down.  She snuggled up to me in a more affectionate way than usual and stayed close the rest of the night.  When I woke up, she had gotten out from under the covers, but was still laying with her head on my pillow beside me.  I pet her in the morning but she started shaking again when I motioned for her to get off the bed.

So, it would appear that my poor little pooch was very upset that she was banned from the bed.  Remy took it well and slept in his bed.  He didn’t even try to get on the bed when I put Kira up on the bed.  So, maybe we will have to do this a little less abruptly.

I’m taking back the house… well, at least the bed

Well, after a year of sleeping in Remy’s fur, Kira pissing in the bed, and Foreman destroying the comforter by chewing on it, I am putting my foot down. No more dogs in the bed. I put a rope around the posts of the bed to make a fence and put a gate on the bed that they are scared of. Kira whined all night wanting on the bed but I didn’t give in. She was mad at me this morning but she will get over it. No more dogs on the bed.

Kira: Waterworld, the sequal is as big as the original

Well, the bed has been stripped to the mattress and
everything is being washed.   Kira had an accident last night and
flooded the bed.   Thankfully the plastic liner was on the bed from
the first time that she had an accident so the mattress was protected.  

Kira realizes that she did it and she got up off the bed and
ran outside.   She stood on the deck watching as the bed was stripped
and carried to the laundry room.   When all done, she slinked back in
quickly, and hid as far under the bed as she could.   I coaxed her out
and pet on her but she just shivered and whimpered.   I put a gate on
the bed and some rope around the posts so that the dogs wouldn’t get up on the
naked bed and I went upstairs to sleep in the guest bedroom.   Kira
hid under the bed all night, Remy slept in his doggy bed, and Bones never woke
up.   I don’t let the dogs in the spare bedroom so I put a gate
upstairs to prevent them from coming in.   Foreman sat at the gate and
whined constantly like a little baby.   Eventually he started howling
and barking so I got up and let him in.  He got up on the bed but I
pushed him off.   After 3 tries, he gave up and laid down by the bed
and sighed a few times.  

In the morning when I got
up, Kira was still upset.   After she got her breakfast, she was more
OK but she is still slinking around.   Poor little pooch.  

The bed is all put back together now but the gate and rope are still there to
prevent them from getting on the bed.   I will vacuum and clean the
carpets today to finish it all off.  

Foreman: My real name is Houdini

When I got home I was greeted by not 3, but 4 dogs.  Oh well, I let Foreman out, and checked for damage.  Remarkably, nothing out of place.  I checked the basement to see how he got out and I couldn’t see a way.  The door was still locked closed with the clips in place.  After a bit more inspection, I noticed that the metal wires around one side of the door were broken in half. 

Well, I checked Foreman’s paws for damage and checked his teeth for breakage and found none.  Well, now I need to figure out how to keep him in the cage.  I went back upstairs to feed the dogs and noticed that Remy wasn’t his usual dancing self.

After Mike got home and had eaten dinner he noticed something was missing from the counter.  He put on his shoes and went outside to find an empty bag in the yard.  Melissa, the lady that cuts our hair, had given the dogs a big bag of dog treats as a holiday gift and we set them on the counter near the breakfast table.  It appears that Remy was the culprit that stole the bag, and then the 4 dogs together finished it off.

Kira & Remy: Great Falls

What a beautiful day!  So nice that we took Kira and Remy to Great Falls State Park and walked around for half an hour.  I had Kira on the 15 foot windy leash and Remy on a 6 foot leash.  The guards that take your donation just loved Remy and throught he was a handsome dog.  They didn’t see Kira in the back of the truck, but Remy immediately popped up between the front seats when I stopped to pay.

When we got to the edge of the service canal, Kira just took off and leaped into the water.  She walked the trip in the water and loved it.

Baths for all

I am kinda stuck at home so I decided that I would punish the dogs
by giving them all baths.  Well, all but Bones…he won’t let me handle

It started off pretty innocuous.  I got out the
towels, shampoo, and cleaned off the big tub in the master bathroom.  Turned on
the heater to warm the room up and then went and got the goose neck sprayer that
we usually keep on the utility sink.  After attaching it to the faucet on the
tub, I went to the bathroom.  Not two minutes after going in the bathroom, I
hear this ripping sound.  When I got out, my good washcloth was sitting on the
bed between Foreman’s two feet with a huge hole right in the middle.  Ugh. 

Well, now I didn’t feel so bad about washing him. 

I picked
him up off the bed and carried him to the bathroom.  He put all of his legs out
to the sides like a cartoon cat and grabbed at anything that came near a foot. 
He started shaking all over and I put him in the tub.  He didn’t move other than
to shake and just looked up sadly.  The water was warm but not hot and he winced
every time I sprayed him.  I lathered him up and then rinsed.  When I was done,
he didn’t know what to do and wouldn’t get out of the tub.  I finally dried him
in the tub and lifted him back onto the rug in the bathroom.  I finished drying
him off and let him out of the room.

I had closed the
bedroom door with Kira, Remy and Foreman in the room so that they couldn’t sneak
out.  Kira has been known to zip out the doggy door when she realizes that it is
bath day.  Once outside, she will hide in the bushes or under the deck and you
pretty much have to just give up.  So, this time she was locked in the master
bedroom and no-where to be found when I had finished up with Foreman.  But,
there aren’t many places to hide and the door was still shut so a quick search
found her hiding in the back corner under the bed where I couldn’t easily reach
her.  I got her out from under the bed and carried her to the bathroom.  She
knew the drill and didn’t bother putting her feet out or wiggling.  She just
turned and put her head on my shoulder looking back into the bedroom while
giving out a deep sigh.  I put her in the tub, turned on the sprayer and she
politely stood there just waiting for it to be over with.  When done, she hopped
out of the tub on command and stood there waiting for me to pick up a towel to
dry her off.  Like a matador, all I had to do was hold up the towel and she ran
to it burying herself deep in the towel.  It didn’t take long and all was

Next was Remy.  Remy seems like a smart dog but in
this case, he didn’t seem to see it coming.  He was laying in the middle of the
bed wagging his tail.  When I opened the door to let Kira out, he hopped off and
ran into the bathroom.  Great for me.  I picked him up and suddenly he realized
that this was not a good thing.  He started clawing and wiggling to try to get
free from my hold.  I put him in the tub and he immediately started to claw his
way out of the tub.  First he tried to run over me, then to my right, and then
he jumped up on the tub and cowered in the corner on the ledge above the edge of
the tub.  I had already cleaned off everything to avoid getting it wet, so this
didn’t cause any alarm.  I pulled him off the ledge and put him in the tub.  He
tried one more time and so I stepped into the tub with him and locked him
between my knees.  He gave up.  I turned on the water and he started shaking
like crazy and then started drooling like a mad dog.  I lathered him up and then
rinsed him off.  He wouldn’t look at me and he kept his lips very tight the
entire time.  Once done all I had to do was let go of him and he was out of the
tub.  I dried him off and opened the door.  Zoom…he was gone and then I heard
him hit the door to the bedroom.  I guess he thought that it would open for

I cleaned up the bathroom, put the towels in the
washer, and went to my office.  The dogs followed me in the office, but Remy was
distinctively mad.  Remy is an incredibly sweet dog and it would seem that he
handles everything well.  But, I don’t remember Remy ever being so mad
before.  He hated taking a bath and now he sits in the room and turns
his back to me.  No wagging tail from Remy.  He still follows me from
room to room, but won’t look at me or come near me.  The other dogs are fine,
but poor Remy is traumatized. 

Foreman: Ah, that is what the doggy door is for!

The wind kicked up this evening making quite a howling sound over the field behind the house.  I let Foreman outside between gusts and he went out to the grass to do his thing.  The wind kicked up and he found himself wanting in but debating on whether his fear of the doggy door was worse than his fear of the wind.  After a short pause and a visual plea through the glass window to come in another way, he darted to the house and came through the doggy door.

From that point on, I can put him outside, he does his thing, and then comes right back in the doggy door without pause.  Tough love works.

Boxes! Cage! The house!!! Argh

I walked in the door today to find cardboard pieces everywhere in the family room.  Since we live out in the country where we don’t have trash service, we are careful to only buy recyclable containers.  To this end, we take all of our cardboard boxes and fold them up in a pile and pin them behind a trash can till we can take them to the dump or burn them.  Remy apparently decided that this was a good pile of play toys and shreded the boxes.  This isn’t the first time and as soon as I walked into the room and said “what happened here”, Remy tucked tail, lowered his head, and left the room.  I cleaned it up while fussing at him and he sat at the doorway with his head low.  I then made up with him and he was happy.

I went to the basement to get Foreman and he had managed to push on the cage so hard that he pulled the staples out of the wall on part of the cage.  I let him out and he took off upstairs to go outside.  I let him out and then went back to the basement to nail the cage back to the wall.  As I am working on it, Foreman appears.  He had let himself back in via the doggy door.  I took them all upstairs and fed them, and then let them out in the yard.  Foreman wouldn’t come in the doggy door while I was looking but after I left, I watched and he let himself back in after making sure that I was not around.

Foreman: Ha ha ha! You can’t hold me!

We went to a fundraiser for HART last night.  As usual, we left the dogs in the house and put Foreman in the cage in the basement.  After the episode of chewing the side off the gym pad, we tied the cage to the weight stand and put a weight in front of the cage to keep him away from the pad.  Well, he discovered another way to get out.

Foreman managed to chew the nylon dog leash that we used to tie it to the weight stack, and pushed the entire cage over.  The cage is made to collapse when you pull a rod out of one piece so that you can fold it up to carry it.  It is made from 8 wire panels that hinge together and one panel has a door.  Well, by chewing off the leash that was holding it near the wall, he was able to get the sides close enough together to push the entire thing over.  When we got home we were greeted at the door by 4 cold noses when there should have been 3.  The cage was laying flat on the floor and we searched the house for any accidents or destroyed things.  Fortunately it appears that he did not destroy anything and didn’t have any accidents in the house.

Today I got out the U shaped nails that are used to tack down electrical wire in a house and I nailed one side of the cage to the unfinished wall.  We will see what he does now.