All: What a mess

Oh my gosh.  I got home from work today and
the house was a disaster.  Upon walking in the door I noticed a pile of shredded
cardboard.  I thought to myself…oh well…dog
must have been frustrated.  I made my way
to my office and noticed some dark spots on the floor.  The lights were out so I turned them on to
discover that there was dog poo from my office, down the hall, through the sun
room, through the kitchen, and up to the doggy door.  Gees. 

I get to my office and let Foreman out so that he can go outside and
when I get back to the hall, there is a puddle in the hall to the dining
room.  I turned on more lights to get a
full view of any other hidden treasures and I find that there is shredded
cardboard all over the place.  They must
have been having a field day pulling stuff apart.

The poo is obviously Bones’ and the pee was very yellow
which also indicates that it was Bones’. 
He is getting so old that he can’t hold it.  Usually it is rather solid and easy to clean
up, but this time it was semi solid and quite the mess.  To add insult to injury, I was picking up poo
in toilet paper and putting it in the powder room and flushing each time.  But, apparently it was to much for the toilet
and so it got clogged up. 

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