Where did the Cinnamon rolls go?

Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!  After my trip to Belgium where I cou.ldn’t get anything with the flavor of cinnamon in it, I decided to make cinnamon rolls.  So, last night (Tuesday night) I got home from work and spent 4 hours making the dough, caramel, and topping for buns that would rival “Cinnabon“.  I made a total of 12 and they were so good and tasty.

After I finished making the buns, I carefully wrapped them in Saran Wrap and and set them on the back side of counter by the stove.  I had one, Mike had one, and then we left them over night.  The next morning Mike had one for breakfast and I took two to work.  Mike got home about 30 minutes before I did tonight and at about 9:00pm I went to get a roll.  I got to the counter and there were no rolls.  I called out to Mike… “Mike!  What did you do with the cinnamon buns?” and he said “I didn’t touch them”.  He came downstairs and looked just as perplexed as I was.  I checked the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets thinking that Mike was playing a joke on me.  Well, no joke… and no rolls!

The dogs have never taken things off the table or counter so I just couldn’t imagine that they had done such a crime during the day.  But, we had to assume that they did it.  The only alternative was that someone broke into the house in the middle of the day and only took the cinnamon rolls.  Now, I am one paranoid fellow, but even this is a big stretch for me.

Recognizing that this presented a fundamental problem in that they were wrapped in Saran Wrap and such stuff is not good for dogs or people.  So, we got out the brightest flashlight we have and we went into the back yard looking for the remnants of the rolls.  We couldn’t find anything.  We searched upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere that the dogs could have gotten to.  But, we couldn’t find any evidence that the dogs had touched the rolls.  Not a crumb!

So, I still think that Mike is playing a trick on me and has hidden the buns.  He will eventually come clean.

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