Foreman: The dominance game

I got up at about 8am and Foreman was waiting at the gate to my office.  As I walked up he seemed happy to see someone.  His tail was curled over his back and he didn’t run away when I reached over the gate to pet him.  I took Foreman, Remy, and Kira for a walk.  Foreman did a double serve and then we headed back.  Along the way back, he decided to plan and took off running as fast as he could.  Only problem was that he had an 8 foot leash connected to his neck so he did a backflip when he hit the end of the leash.  He landed on his feet and then ran to me and dropped down as if he wanted to play.  He darted left and right with his butt stuck up in the air and then quickly stopped and started walking again. 

When we got in the house I took Foreman to my office where the his crate is and he quickly darted in.  I locked the gate to the office and then went back to the kitchen to feed everyone.  I then brought Foreman’s food to him and he wouldn’t come out of the crate.  I picked up a few pieces and he took them from my hand, but he wouldn’t come out to eat from the bowl.  I put the bowl at the entrance of his crate and he started eating.

After breakfast, I took Foreman into the bathroom and gave him a good bath.  He smelled so bad when we brought him home that this was pretty much a requirement to living with him.  He had bad dandruff so I used a medicated soap for dogs that helps take care of dandruff.  He didn’t like the bath but he didn’t fight me.  He tried to get out of the tub but I just said “no no” and he stopped.  He is obedient in that regard.

After his bath, I dried him with a towel and then took Foreman, Remy, and Kira down to the basement where I could let him run around.  I closed the basement door so that Bones couldn’t come down to mess with us.  I turned on the Simpsons DVD and started playing Pool.  Foreman stood at the landing on the stairs and watched carefully.  He eventually came down and sniffed around the walls of the basement and then sat in the gym room and just watched.  After a couple of games of Pool I sat on one of the couches in the basement that the dogs are allowed on and Foreman came over and got on the couch.  He initially sat at the opposite end so I scooted over and pet him gently under the chin.  Kira and Remy went and got a toy so I tossed it with them while Foreman just watched.  When I stopped petting him, he pawed me until I pet him more.

I got up and started using the eliptical machine and Foreman stayed on the couch.  After a little bit he started sniffing around.  Kira and Remy were laying on the floor beside the elliptical machine and didn’t acknowledge Foreman when he came around them.  After sniffing for a bit, he approached Remy and started his domination dance. 

First he dropped down on his front and stuck his butt up in the air.  He darted left and right and Remy responded by doing the same.  They started chasing each other around the pool table and Kira got interested.  They all ran back and forth playing and occasionally Remy would put his head over Foreman’s shoulders and then Foreman would do the same to Remy.  After a bit of this going on, Kira laid back down while Remy and Foreman continued to play.  The play got rougher and then they got calm and started sniffing each other.  They paced one another and then Foreman put his head over Remy and nibbled on his shoulders.  Remy did nothing.  Then Foreman mounted Remy and Remy did nothing.  From that point on, Foreman was dominant over Remy.  There were a couple of other episodes but they all ended the same.  Eventually Foreman took Remy’s toy and played with it for a bit before dropping it and laying down on the couch.

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