Foreman: On the attack

Remy and Kira are locked in the back of the house with Foreman and me. 
Forman is sleeping nicely in his crate and then the other dogs start
barking.  All come out and are in the hall at the gate that separates
them from the rest of the house.  Kira comes back into the office and
then Foreman lights into Remy.  Remy is such a submissive dog that he
gives in immediately and Foreman just attacks him.  I had to just yell
once and Foreman let go of Remy and ran to his crate. 

A bit later, Kira and Remy were by my side when Foreman darted out of his crate and ran over to Kira to nip at her.  Again, a stern warning and he ran back to his crate.  I put the leash on him and took them all outside so that he could pee.  He continued to do this sniper type of attack with all of the dogs whenever they came within visual range of the door to his crate.

It appears that Foreman is a bit nervous tonight and may need some quiet adjustment time.

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