Foreman: Day 1


Just a quick initial progress report.  So far so.  We did the initial
meeting in the back yard with Foreman on a leash.  We let Remy and
Kira run up off leash, they all did fine.  I then brought up Bones on
leash.  They sniffed, he curled his lip, so I just took Bones for a
walk around the yard. We let the other three run around the house while
I was out back with Bones making sure the electric fence did not have
any shorts in it.

is skittish but he is inquisitive and he followed me around the house.

As long as I don’t grab for him, he is fine.  If I want to put the
leash on him I go to the door, he follows, we both look out the window,
and then I can easily put the leash on.

I took them all for a
long walk outside and Bones got a much better sniff, no growling this
time.  Foreman walks very well on the leash.  They are all inside now
but I’ll keep Bones gated apart from Foreman for a while.  They are
laying on either side of the gate peacefully, about 10 feet apart.
Bones really does not have too much interest in him which is good.

did lie down next to Foreman for a bit and he was comfortable enough to
fall asleep next to me.  It was funny to watch as he wanted to stay
alert and look around but his eyes kept closing, then his head dropped
a bit, then do the ground, then he rolled over on his side into me and
fell asleep.

So in summary zero issues with Remy and Kira, so
far Bones seems neutral, and he seems comfortable enough that he’s not

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