Bad Remy…. Bad!

Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 6:23 PM
Subject: RE: Home

If I would had figured it out earlier I would have fussed at them more….

Maybe I should blog this 😉

I got home early, there was enough noise from the heavy rain they did not hear me.

There were a few card board boxes knocked off the pile, no biggie.

I took off my shoes and tip toed around.

I found Bones sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.

I was tip toeing around him to see who might be sleeping on the bed when I heard the dog door open (I just thought it was the wind as it is gusting pretty hard out).  Then I heard and a box crash.  Bones heard it too and once he was awake, he sniffed me out so I could not sneak back to see what was up.

So Kira and Remy run in all wet and happy to see me.  No big deal.  Then I notice the box of treats on the floor, unopened but with a tooth hole near the top.  That is what crashed.  I fussed at them a bit and they took off.  I stuck the box back where it was and noticed a wet foot print (best guess is it was Remy’s) on the counter.  Then I noticed the bag of treats was gone.  I looked outside and there it was chewed up in the back yard.  That is why they were outside when I got home.  From the looks of things it just happened and I could have caught them carry out the box that they came back in for (their second theft) if Bones was not alerted to my presence thus giving me away to the other two.


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