Remy is adjusting well

This morning was remarkably quiet.  I woke up to a house free of any noise.  Since Riley was always locked in my office at night, he would always wake me up barking to get attention.  Without Riley in the house, the morning are quite calm.  After 6 months of the same routine, it just seems like something is missing now.

Remy seems to be adjusting to life without his buddy Riley.  He has started pairing up with Kira and mimicing everything that she does.  They are about the same size and weight and they tussle around growling and playing together.  Kira still runs to me and defends me from anything that is around, but she is letting Remy get more attention now.

Yesterday I moved Remy’s food bowl to the kitchen so that he would start eating in the same room with Bones and Kira.  Previously Remy and Riley had their bowls in my office so that they could eat without fear of being near Bones.  Yesterday morning Remy wouldn’t come to the kitchen to eat and kept barking at me from the office wanting me to bring the food in there.  I finally coaxed him into the kitchen and led him to the bowl.  He took a bite of food, and then took off to the office and barked for me to follow.  I coaxed him back in and had to pet him while he ate.  Last night it was similar except that once he started eating he continued without me having to stand there with him.  And, this morning, when I said “want some fud!” all three dogs ran to the kitchen and Remy sat by his bowl in its new location.  He is a quick study!

I took all of the dog crates out of my office and bedroom and put them in the basement.  Kira and Remy watched with their tails down as I did it.  They followed me very quietly down the stairs.  They usually race as if they are trying to beat me down the stairs, but this time they just followed quietly.  They sniffed the crates in their new location and then went back to normal.

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