Ugh… puke in the bed

I woke up this morning to find Remy laying in the bed beside me. At least Kira sleeps at the foot of the bed; but, Remy was sleeping with his butt on my pillow (good thing this dog doesn’t have gas!). Ugh. Now, I have become quite accustomed to Kira. She does sleep on the bed, but she waits till I have fallen asleep. In the morning when I first move she gets off the bed. If she needs to scratch or anything that will make noise, she gets off the bed, leaves the room, and does whatever she needs to do before returning to the bed.

Well, not Remy. I wake up at 7am to a butt in the face, and then at 7:15am to the sound of a dog puking. Before I could get him off the bed, Remy had puked on the bed. Ugh. I jumped up and cleaned it up. He looked sheepish but seemed to get over it after a bit of petting.

I let them all out this morning, minus Riley who doesn’t live here any more, and they started sniffing around the hole from the groundhog. I don’t think there is another groundhog in the hole but they are very intent at sniffing at the hole. Remy was acting a little odd this morning…maybe it is just my sensitivity to Riley being missing, but he is just being exceptionally affectionate and is following me around like a puppy. He hasn’t done that before. It could also be that Mike is gone this week and Mike usually loves on Remy all the time.

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