More History of Remy and Riley

While at the adoption event, Gale told me the story of Remy and Riley and forwarded an email of them to me from when they first came to HART.  I had thought all along that they were in the group that was rescued in the big trip down to New Orleans.  But, it turns out that Remy and Riley were the very first dogs to be rescued in Mississippi after the storm.  The pictures of the dogs are just so amazingly different from the dogs that we know.  Both look like skeletons and Remy is drooling feverishly.  As I noted in a previous post, Remy drools like crazy if he is locked in a cage or confined to a small area.  Sandy told me that Riley is a completely different dog now that he has been in our home.  She said that when they arrived, they were so scared that they just shook all the time and were scared of everyone.  That explains why everyone is so surprised when they see me handling Riley like a baby and how much he seems to adore me.

Here is the email that brought them to Virginia:

Sent: Tue 9/6/2005 7:15 PM
Subject: 2 Hurricane Katrina
Got a call
from the Culpeper shelter today.  There was a guy there with 2 dogs that he had
rescued from Mississippi.  He had gone down there to help his sister & her
family relocate because they lost their house, etc.  He brought down tons of
supplies for the neighbors & their kids and said the gas alone to & from
was sky high & in some places, very scarce.  While there, he heard a noise
at 5 in the morning & thought it was someone trying to siphen gas from his
truck (seems that’s been happening a lot).  Turns out, it was the yellow lab
trying to get water & his dalmatian friend watching guard.  They didn’t find
the owners, but neither dog had collars and both were full of fleas & ticks
and neither are neutered.  He brought them back up here & took them to the
vet – the dal is heartworm positive.  The dal gets very nervous when he doesn’t
have his buddy with him, so they might need to find a home together.  The guy
said that he took the yellow lab into his sister’s yard, but the dal didn’t want
to come – he did stay outside of the yard barking for his friend.  They
eventually got him into the yard & then he was happy.  The guy is very
overwhelmed with the 2 new dogs, his dog & cat, his job, pregnant wife,
etc.  He didn’t know what to do with them, especially since the one is heartworm
positive.  The shelter was no help to him, but they called me & so now, here
are the 2 new residents!  So far, they are just so very nervous, but very sweet
& good with other dogs.  The dal will be going to the vet shortly to start
treatment – I will get him on the Special Needs page of the web site so we can
get some donations & maybe a home for both!





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