Summer Storms are scary!

At about 3am Riley bolted out of his crate beside the bed and started whimpering.  He paced all around the bedroom running in a horse-shoe shaped pattern in the room.  When he would get to the side of the room near the windows he would put his front paws on the bed and scratch at me.  I’ve seen this behavior before and it always preceedes a big thunder storm.  He is scared to death of thunder storms.

At around 3:20am, Remy jumped into the bed and laid down on top of me shivering.  Riley took a dive under the bed and burrowed as far back under the night table as he could.  He continued to whimper and shuffle about.  Kaboom!  Huge thunder clap outside the house accompanied by a bolt of lightening.  It was close enough that all of the UPSs in the house alarmed for an EMS pulse.  Riley came flying out from under the bed and started scratching furiously on the side of the bed.  Kaboom!  Another huge thunder clap and the outside lit up like it was daylight.  I couldn’t see the actual lightening bolt so it must have been on the other side of the house.  Rain started coming down so hard that you could hear it overflowing the gutters as it came off the roof.

Kira remained calm on the bed by my feet and didn’t even whimper.  Remy was shaking and was nervously looking out the window.  I put my arm over him and pet him.  He calmed down.  Riley was getting more agitated as the rain grew louder and the thunder grew more frequent.  I heard Bones stir and he started clawing at his gate.  I heard Mike get up and comfort him.  I got up and put Riley in the bed with me and tried to comfort him.  He was shivering and whining.  I tried to cradle him then tried to get him to lie down, but he wouldn’t have any part of that.  He sat on the bed beside me staring intently out the window.  Every time a flash of lightening would light up the room he would jump and shiver more.  I forced him to lie down and tried to cover his eyes, and he capitulated for a while but then stood up again.  I think it was too much activity on the bed for Kira.  She hopped off the bed and laid down by the night stand while the other two dogs stayed on the bed with me. 

The storm lasted for about an hour with intermittent periods of very hard rain, thunder, and lightening.  Riley shivered the entire time and I didn’t hear Bones or Mike moving around.  At about 5am all was calm.  Riley hopped off the bed and went to sleep in his crate.  Kira hopped back on the bed, and Remy curled up at the foot of the bed.  Remy is not normally allowed to sleep on my bed.

At about 8am I heard Mike moving around and he took all of the dogs outside and then fed them.  He said he slept in Bones’ room to keep him calm.  Kira is the only one that seemed to not care at all about the storm.

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